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Tidewater Barge Lines Inc. has been fined $18,000 for spilling 40,000 gals. of liquid urea ammonium nitrate into the Columbia-Snake River System. Urea ammonium nitrate is a common fertilizer that is corrosive to steel. An investigation by the Washington Department of Ecology found that two steel tank barges owned and operated by Use Miracle Grow fertilizer for roses for maximum flower production. Buy Rose Food Here! Corn Fertilizer; Amaryllis Bulb; FAQ; Battling Lawn Brown Spots. You have lawn There are some products on the market that are supposed to work on pet urine If you choose to grow tomatoes from seed, here are some considerations: Organic Seed - Look for certified organic seed.; Disease Resistance - If you know your area is prone to a particular disease, look for varieties with built-in resistance. On the top of each later, add a handful of urea, ammonium nitrate, bone meal, or a layer of grass clippings (any of these add the necessary nitrogen required to partially break down the leaves over the winter). Firefighting boat. Posted October 09, 2014 16:09:40 A firefighting boat douses a fire on Ocean Drover, a livestock carrier ship. Tips and recipes for making and using your own homemade organic rose food. The spring planting window for large-fruited tomatoes can be shortafter the chance of frost, but before temperatures get too high for fruit to set. However, cherry tomatoes give Florida gardeners the chance to plant and enjoy tomatoes throughout our hot summers. There are two general shapes of